Police said Winter first scratched the victim’s car, then turned the knife on the victim, stabbing her repeatedly in the left side of her chest. “It happened so fast. I’m like, ‘Put down the knife.’ I look down, and I was covered in blood,” the victim said.  The victim said she realized the knife had punctured the implant and she was soaked with saline.  Doctors said the stab victim’s breast implant had just enough saline in it to stop the knife from piercing through her chest.  The 41-year-old victim said that the decision to spend $6,000 on breast augmentation three months ago might’ve been the best move she ever made.  “It was just really lucky. Just think about it, three months ago, if it happened to her, she would have been dead,” said the woman’s doctor, Dr. Frank Filiberto, of Artful Awakenings.  Doctors said the implant prevented a deadly blow.  “When you stab it, it gives a little. It probably gave and couldn’t get through it, then it went through it and couldn’t go through the back wall. She would have had a collapsed lung or (the knife would have) hit her heart,” Filiberto said.  Filiberto said that in his 30 years of cosmetic surgery, this is a first, and it gives him a whole new outlook.  If this saves lives, there’s nothing wrong with passing a law that everyone should have breast prosthesis,” Filiberto said as a joke.  The kind of damage the victim had to her breast implants isn’t typically covered by warranty, but because the patient is a victim of a crime, the manufacturer said it will cover the cost.