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“Fat Shame” – turn it around and gain self esteem – not pounds

“Fat Shame” – turn it around and gain self esteem – not pounds

In past weeks the media has refocused its attention on bullying to discuss fat shaming and its growingly popular retort, fat acceptance. Recently, Oprah’s program “Where Are They Now” featured a father who pressured his daughter into undergoing weight loss surgery, claiming he would love her more if she were skinny.

As a plastic surgeon, “fat shaming” is a major cause for teens visiting my office. The patients and/or their parents come in looking for a fast fix to alleviate the pain associated with this phenomenon. Typically liposuction is the option they hope for. However, my response is always the same. “Let’s deal with the global weight issue first.” I encourage them to try and empower themselves by improving their health before simply undergoing surgery. The only gain I want to see for my patients is in self -esteem.

Bullying is always wrong, but in my opinion, so is “accepting a state of overweight.”

Parents must diligently work to remain the guardians of their children’s self–esteem and that begins with body image. Unfortunately, we live in a society where success is often equated with the size of one’s waistline. We cannot legislate or police how people feel. However, we can encourage the youths of this generation to take control of their bodies.

If you are ready to challenge yourself to move toward improved health, wellness and enjoy a better body image, the power is yours. Your only gain will be in self-esteem and your only loss will be in weight.