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The Cure For High Heel Pain: The Toe Job?

The Cure For High Heel Pain: The Toe Job?

With all of the celebrities wearing high heels upwards of 7 inches nowadays, us regular folk have been having a hard time of it. With intense and blinding foot pain, wobbling around rather than strutting, the countless falls (yes, that is how I got a hole in the knee of my favorite black jeans), and God forbid…stairs…how do we girls do it?

Well, it would appear women all across the globe have been turning to the surgeon’s knife to ensure that their feet are high heel friendly. New research has shown that the number of cosmetic procedures that have been performed on feet have doubled in the last year. The procedure, known as the “Toe Job” takes around 20 minutes and is apparently pain-free and creates a pillow effect by injecting collagen into the foot. It reportedly eliminates the painful burning that is generally associated with wearing high heels. The treatment costs £320 ($519) and can last up to 6 months.

Crazy what people will do for fashion!