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Saggy Ear Lobes

Saggy Ear Lobes

A new cosmetic surgery s on the rise because of an unflattering sag. It seems as if ear lobes are one of the first signs of aging and in order to curb this unattractive droop women everywhere are getting an ear lift.  “Gravity takes its toll on earlobes — they droop like chins and breasts do, and can make you look older.”

And while age can play a big part in droopy lobes, another factor can be wearing heavy earrings too often.

“Years of wearing heavy earrings also cause the lobe to get stretched out of shape. An earlobe reduction is a simple operation that reshapes the earlobe to a better proportion. Another issue for women is a torn earlobe, where the hole from a pierced ear gets so stretched that the lobe tears open and has to be stitched together.”

But if going under the knife isn’t exactly something you would want to do, scientists have been developing other methods as well.

“Most clients want to have their ears plumped up with a bit of filler, to make them look younger and fuller. It’s quick, easy and relatively pain-free,” said Lesley.